nano organic fertilizer | Best Asian Nano Fertilizer Producers

The nano organic fertilizer, simply called bio-organic, is a healthy and powerful fertilizer that has all the characteristics of a bio-organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are mainly used to increase soil fertility and improve soil uptake. Biological fertilizers are mainly used to feed the plant using biological agents such as bacteria, fungi, and so on.Nano fertilizers differ in terms of inherent properties such as color, strength, corrosion resistance to non-nano-fertilizers. These fertilizers have a significant effect on photosynthesis, chlorophyll content, leaf area increase, resistance to environmental stresses and enrichment of crops.

nano organic fertilizer | Best Asian Nano Fertilizer Producers

How to identify organic nano fertilizers from others?

How to identify organic nano fertilizers from others?The nano fertilizer preparation contain two parts, organic and biologic, which we will explain below. The organic section contains three important groups of organic factors, which are:

  • Humic substances
  • Vermicompost
  • Organic compounds containing amino acids

Below we will explain some of them. Healthy fertilizers are usually either organic or biologically active. Each of these groups has its own characteristics.The organic, biological and micronutrient components in this fertilizer have been combined in such a way as to provide the most efficiency in agronomic ecosystems in terms of soil fertility and nutritional requirements of the plant. The biology section of this fertilizer utilizes a variety of bacteria providing an important part of the plant’s need for nitrogen and phosphate. The following are the components of fertilizer introduced. Biofertilizer Biofertilizer is a powerful combination of organic and biological agents enriched with micronutrient nanoclates .

Are organic fertilizers so expensive?

Are organic fertilizers so expensive?The price of these fertilizers depends on the company producing them.The price of these fertilizers depends on the company producing them. Now we need to explain nano fertilizer soil amendments.In the biology section, the microorganisms used include Rhizobium symbiotic and asymptotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Azotobacter azosperyllium, bacteria containing OPH enzyme that are capable of decomposing and converting phosphorus pesticide residues into absorbable phosphorus. This is the description of the components of bioorganic nanocomposites. Fertilizers containing humic substances are organic. Organic substances are substances that are not unlike chemicals such as man-made pesticides and fertilizers and are naturally present in the environment around us. Organic matter is a material that has a high percentage of carbon element, and the more fertile the soil, the higher the percentage of organic matter or organic carbon. Humic substances include humic acids Humates are humus. Humic substances play an essential role in fertility, vitality and strength as well as nutrition of any plant.

All about nano fertilizers and their different types

All about nano fertilizers and their different types If we want to give a general explanation of fertilizer storage, I can say so. Various studies have shown that the uptake of many agricultural fertilizers, especially macro fertilizers, is exacerbated by the presence of humic substances, and the opposite is true. The humic substances in the soil are very low. Studies have shown that in acidic soils, low pH of fulvic acid and in high pH soils are more humic acid and humic. Humus is a complex, carbon-brown, brown material. Humus composed of non-humic substances and humic substances. Humus non humic substances include carbohydrates, fats, wax, peptides, amino acids and proteins, and most humic substances include organic acids. Most non-humus materials are quickly decomposed by soil microorganisms. On the contrary, the humic part of the humus gradually decomposes in the soil and is much more stable in the soil than in the minerals or minerals, and may last up to several hundred years in the soil.

Wholesale price range of nano fertilizers in different markets

Wholesale price range of nano fertilizers in different markets The price of these nano-organic fertilizers as well as their wholesale price depends on various factors such as production company, supply and demand, and many others.It should be noted that the composition of this fertilizer is capable of producing growth hormones. Nanocoder biosecurity provides a unique ability to increase production and reduce the use of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. In addition to the above microorganisms with the help of nanotechnology, iron and zinc nanoparticles have been used to enhance bacterial activity as well as the transfer of these substances by bacteria to the plant and ultimately to the plant.

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