nano liquid fertilizer | Demand And Supply of nano fertilizers

Liquid nano-biological fertilizers apply to all plants. This fertilizer can be used in farms, gardens and greenhouses and even in home and apartment plants and in addition to fruits, vegetables, rice, wheat, pistachio, alfalfa, peas, pistachios, sunflower and corn and all other fertilizer plants Has been.  These fertilizers, in addition to significantly reducing the volume and reducing their prices by 80% compared to chemical fertilizers, are economical for farmers and do not have the effects of fertilizer contamination.You can buy nano liquid fertilizer from the dealers.

nano liquid fertilizer | Demand And Supply of nano fertilizers

Nano-fertilizers and Their Smart Delivery System

Nano-fertilizers and Their Smart Delivery SystemNanotechnology has been called the vanguard of the scientific movement of the world. Environmental pollution, especially pollution caused by the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture, is one of the most serious problems facing the world today. Applications and potential capabilities of nanotechnology such as rapid detection and detection of plant pathogens with nano sensors for timely control measures, increased plant food intake and chemical delivery systems in the target region with new nano formulations as well as increased efficiency Precision farming systems have created new hopes and prospects for protecting the environment by employing nano sensors to accurately manage and consume agricultural inputs that all reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture. Therefore, considering this category of nanotechnology in Iran as one of the leading countries in the field of technology with environmental pollution due to high consumption of pesticides and fertilizers seems necessary.Nano fertilizer soil is one of the important factors in these fertilizers.

Where are nano fertilizers produce in high masses?

Where are nano fertilizers produce in high masses?Nano-organic fertilizer is a product of basic knowledge that is produced without the use of external or internal similarities for use in the agricultural industry using nanotechnology.The use of chemical fertilizers has led to many adverse effects of environmental damage, which has fortunately declined in many countries and in some countries.Nano fertilizers are manufactured in factories specializing in these products.nano fertilizer soil amendments There are some things that need to be observed.nano technology fertilizer is one of the products sold in the market.Nanobiofertilizers can be obtained from its sales centers.

Explain nano liqiuid fertilizers production methods

Explain nano liqiuid fertilizers production methods There are several methods for the production of nanopowders, each of which can lead to the production of nanopowders with different properties. Recently, supercritical fluids (SCF) or compressed gases have been proposed as a suitable environment for the crystallization and production of nanopowders. Supercritical fluids have quasi-liquid and quasi-liquid properties, which in addition to being inexpensive, have no contaminant effect, precisely controlling the crystallization process and providing the ability to produce very fine particles with appropriate morphology and particle size distribution.Nano fertilizer products can be made from:

  • Dealers of these products
  • Wholesale of fertilizers
  • Nano Fertilizer Sales Sites

How to identify different nano liquid fertilizers from each other?

How to identify different nano liquid fertilizers from each other? The increasing use of fertilizers has caused irreparable environmental, health and economic damage. The persistence of nitrogen fertilizers in nature and the contamination of water and soil will cause various diseases such as cancer in humans. In addition to these problems, the high cost of producing them should also be considered.With the efforts of experts, various types of nano liquid fertilizers have been developed based on emerging nano technology that will be a positive step towards resolving these problems.

For quick detection of nano liquid fertilizers by farmers, two quick tests have been considered, with the least possibilities. One of them is the smell of fertilizer which practically does not smell nano liquid fertilizers but the gross fertilizers have an unpleasant odor. The second method is to break down the fertilizer particles where the pure fertilizer granules have high strength and are uniform and uniform when breaking all parts, but the gross fertilizers are not the same. The third and most important method is water solubility, where pure fertilizer is highly soluble and the final solution is free of any impurities. And the price of Triple Phosphate fertilizer is also given.

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