chitosan manufacturers | Best chitosan distributors & dealers in middle east

Do you want to know about chitosan manufacturers? Are you interested in getting some information about chitosan manufacturers in India, chitosan powder in India, chitin powder for sale, and glucosamine manufacturers in Iran? Chitosan is one of the substances found in most weight loss pills and solutions. Chitosan also has a positive effect on the activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut.  

chitosan manufacturers | Best chitosan distributors & dealers in middle east

History of using chitosan in industries

History of using chitosan in industries Also, since the use of this food prevents the absorption of fats, taking chitosan-containing pills can reduce long-term storage or deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins. Chitin was discovered 200 years ago from edible fungi and in the following years, chitin was extracted from animal sources such as marine invertebrates. One of the natural derivative forms of saccharides is the amino form of commercially produced alkali acetylation of ketone as a byproduct. This product is called chitosan, a natural compound in the fungal cell wall that has the structure of (4-1) -2-amino-2-deoxy-β-D-glucan. Chitosan is the specific name of a set of polymers with different ratios of glucosamine and N-acetyl glucosamine. Chitosan has certain physicochemical properties such as:

  • short-term biodegradability
  • biocompatibility with human tissues
  • antibacterial
  • antifungal activit
  • non-toxicity
  • high potential in the food industry

Chitosan also has biological activities such as:

  • hypocholesterolemic effect
  • antimicrobial effect
  • accelerated the absorption of iron and calcium in the body condition
  • antioxidant activity of chitosan applications such as water treatment, effluent, and food technology, and beverages

It is also used as:

  • film and edible coating
  • natural preservative.

Which industries are biggest buyers of chitosan?

Which industries are biggest buyers of chitosan?For many years, researchers and experts have focused their research on the extraction and use of naturally occurring and biodegradable materials to produce a substance called chitosan that is widely used in the textile, food, and biomedical industries. And has medical engineering, paper industry, agriculture, and even sewage treatment and water engineering, chitin extraction and high-purity chitosan semi-industrial production from shrimp skin using new methods widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, hygiene and manufacturing industries. it placed. In developing countries, the production of chitosan from shrimp skin and other natural sources is done in traditional (chemical) methods. CIFT, for example, produces this material on an industrial scale. One of the disadvantages of the traditional method is the difficulty of separating chitosan with certain molecular masses and high purity, which does not provide the pharmaceutical industry with this quality material. A review of articles and scientific sources revealed that a German research team recently conducted successful studies with electrophilic techniques for the production of high purity chitosan (in laboratory-scale); Acknowledges that it has been implemented by a technology company on a semi-industrial scale.

List of Chitosan Companies and Vendors in Iran

List of Chitosan Companies and Vendors in IranProduction of low molecular weight water-soluble chitin and chitosan by Iranian researchers. This method is based on the destruction of chitin and chitosan by a plasma electron beam in a special plasma chemical reactor. The new technology reduces the time needed to produce water-soluble chitin and oligosaccharides from a few days to a few minutes. This method is environmentally friendly and yields bioactive oligosaccharides with antimicrobial and antifungal properties. The scientists used plasma chemical technology instead of chemical hydrolysis of chitin and chitosan. This procedure is performed at low temperature and non-equilibrium electron beam plasma. To test the new method, they inserted the polysaccharide powder into a plasma chemical electron beam reactor. While various gases can be used to fill the reaction chamber, water and oxygen vapor have the best effect. Experiments have shown that the lower the molecular weight of chitosan, the greater the inhibition of bacterial growth.

Best places to buy chitosan at affordable price

Best places to buy chitosan at affordable price Many internet companies active in the field of industrial and laboratory chemicals are ready to provide high-quality chitosan sales services at reasonable prices and in the desired quantities. These products are made by highly reputable companies and are offered in powder form. Chitosan is a derivative of glucan with repeated units of chitin, known as the chemical formula C6H11NO4. Chitin is a naturally occurring mucosal polysaccharide found abundantly in the external skeletons of arthropods such as shrimp, crabs and insect cuticles.

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